Monday, January 5, 2009

My Fave Five

There are five countries with whose tax systems I would like to become familiar. There is no compelling reason that I can think of to choose any five countries over any others, so I have chosen the following haphazardly based on compulsion. If there is any reason to dump any of these in favor of a "better" country/tax code/job opportunity/au pair, then perhaps I will do so. As it stands, I hope to begin learning about taxation in the following countries in the coming months:

1. New Zealand
- I read somewhere that New Zealand has one of the most progressive tax regimes in the world.
- There is no cooler name than "All Blacks". 
- There is no greater rivalry for Australians than Kiwis, so I shall endeavor know the enemy.

2. Hong Kong
- British common law swirled up with communist China: there are sure to be some amazing changes here in the next half centure.
- Jackie Chan is silly.

3. Ireland
- Has become a global (or at least European) business center based in large part on its tax policy.
- I get along well with terriers and a dog owned by a guy named Sullivan.

4. France
- I hear tell that tax evasion is the French national pastime. 
- Les Comperes is a cinematic marvel.

5. Brazil
- Seemingly the least "popular" of the BRIC economies. (Who wants to be another rider on the China bandwagon?)
- Ronaldinho may one day need tax advice.
- It will be interesting to see what the tax codes of Brazil and New Zealand have in common with regard to agricultural exports.

So there's the list. Look forward to hearing me blather on about these five great nations in addition to the good old US of A.

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